Platini admits World Cup 98 was deliberately set up for France vs Brazil final

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Platini admits World Cup 98 was deliberately set up for France vs Brazil final

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The whole world was expecting a France versus Brazil final at the 1998 World wap sbobet Cup but the fact it happened was far from a coincidence, according to Michel Platini.Acting as co-president of the World Cup Organising Committee for his nation's event, the former midfielder helped push to keep the two favourites apart in the draw, putting France in Group C while dropping holders Brazil in Group A.Typically, hosts go into A with all others allocated at random, as per FIFA rules, with this change meaning the pair were kept apart until the final, should they win all their games. "When we organised the calendar, we did a little trickery," he confessed on the program France Bleu."When you are at home and preparing for six years, you want to be able to enjoy things."You think the others do not do it for their World Cups? France against Brazil in wap sbobet the final, that was everyone's dream."Zinedine Zidane scored twice as Les Bleus beat the South Americans 3-0 in Paris, Platini going wap sbobet up to become UEFA president before becoming embroiled in a corruption scandal, in which he was found to be guilty.

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