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Lucas Vazquez and Asensio come of age in Paris

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Lucas Vazquez and Asensio come of age in Paris

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Real Madrid were once again pushed towards victory by Lucas Vazquez and Marco Asensio, wap sbobet who both changed the first leg of the tie against Paris Saint-Germain when they were substituted on for the final 10 minutes and who made a difference as starters at the Parc des Princes.Since that first leg on February 14 both players have been playing regularly and they've been playing well, so Zinedine Zidane rewarded their effort by naming them in his XI on Tuesday night.Both players delivered and they combined to manufacture the first goal, with Asensio bursting forward and nutmegging Dani Alves to thread the ball to Lucas Vazquez, who sent in a wap sbobet perfect left-footed cross for Cristiano Ronaldo to score.Lucas Vazquez and Asensio have become the LA connection and their interplay was decisive in Paris. They're no longer just backups, as the 26-year-old and the 22-year-old both truly came of age in this tie. wap sbobet

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