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It must be at least 30 kg per day. For children it is good to recommend that normal fibers should be daily: Fiber is only available in plants. Foods such as meat, fish and dairy products have no fibers. There are two different types of fiber soluble and can not be washed. Any type of fiber helps your body in different ways, such food should have two types. Eating all the cereals and fruits and vegetables is very useful for adults and children to eat enough. But if you have bowel complaints, such as the IBS, you may need to adjust the type and amount of fiber in the diet that accompanies your symptoms. Your doctor or veterinarian can inform you about this fiber. Soluble fiber, soluble fiber in water in your digestive system. It can help reduce the amount of cholesterol in your blood. If you have a cut, increase the melting fiber sources - such as fruits and vegetables, potatoes and bristle seed

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