Barcelona squad bag €1.5 million appearance fee for South Africa friendly

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Barcelona squad bag €1.5 million appearance fee for South Africa friendly

Сообщение Bongngarthom » 18 май 2018, 09:56


Barcelona's trip to Johannesburg for a late-season exhibition sbo168 game against Mamelodi Sundowns was something of a surprise for many, although it was a lucrative one for the Catalan club and its players.The season may bes effectively over for the Blaugrana but the time spent away from families, the extra fatigue and the risk of World Cup ending injuries meant there needed to be a serious incentive for the squad to want to head to the Southern Hemisphere.And there certainly was, given that the players negotiated their own 1.5 million euro appearance fee for the 3-1 win, shared out among those who traveled to South Africa. That sbo168 amount was discussed with the game's promoters separately from the 3m euro fee charged by Barcelona as a club.After arriving back from the friendly, the Barcelona squad trained in a recovery session on Thursday and will even get Friday off before one day of preparation for their sbo168 LaLiga season closer versus Real Sociedad on Sunday.

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