Real Madrid are full of belief ahead of the Champions League final

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Real Madrid are full of belief ahead of the Champions League final

Сообщение Bongngarthom » 25 май 2018, 09:09


Real Madrid's recent history in Champions League finals gives reason for wap sbobet optimism for the Bernabeu club as they have won their past six and the last defeat was back in 1981 against Liverpool, before any of the present crop of players was born.Zinedine Zidane's players are living in the present and only remember the recent history of success. They are convinced of what they can achieve, how to control games and whichever circumstance may come about in the final.They feel fully in control despite what has happened in LaLiga this season, as they have managed so well to deal with the previous finals.They had to go right to their limits to come out on top against Atletico Madrid, they had to bounce back against Juventus and ended up winning comfortably, while they are aware that now they are up against a different type of rival that plays attacking, open football. They are confident but not arrogant.Also, what has happened this season gives them strength ahead of the final and the way they came out on top against Paris Saint-Germain having been described as underdogs.After that they wap sbobet had to suffer in order to beat Juventus and Bayern, and so shows that they are ready to dig in and battle to the end.Sergio Ramos is the leader of this team both sportingly and psychologically, and it is he that promotes the idea of their self belief.Zidane has maintained his approach throughout and while he has never underestimated Liverpool, he also has no doubt about the hunger and driver of his players."There is no one better," is the word from the dressing room of their capabilities, and knowing that their season depends on the final, they wap sbobet are not worried about the job ahead.

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