giving a child a food complex?

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giving a child a food complex?

Сообщение LarryWalker » 26 апр 2018, 09:36


DS has always been a poor feeder - bad latch, very little weight gain etc as a baby (fell below the 3rd percentile) and despite being good enough at trying new food when we started solids, he has been a poor feeder overall. One day he eats well, another not at all. I have been told this is quite normal for some toddlers. He has overcome his weight problems in that he is in the 35th/40th percentile - and he is full of energy and life. Every few weeks he gets a bit better at eating iykwim - a few months ago he wouldn't eat meat unless it was almost mashed into potato. now he eats chicken goujons, roast beef etc in small pieces. I think he has improved a lot.I usually feed him, I bring him to work with me, I do 90% of feeding.

Please help.

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